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Kunkeei offers a microbiome-conscious collection of result-oriented skincare, created exclusively from the finest ingredients and extracts provided to us by nature. 

Being conscious of our microbiome doesn’t mean that we simply recognize its existence but rather understand its importance.

So, what’s so important about your microbiome?

It’s the home to microbes (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) that work in symbiosis with your skin protecting it from potential threats, defending it against harmful bacteria and viruses, helping heal wounds, regulating inflammation, and acting as your first line of defence.

An unbalanced microbiome (called dysbiosis) can lead to dry, irritated, and sensitised skin and has even been linked to a vast array of inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and rosacea, to name a few. 

This is why Kunkeei products are formulated to have a balancing effect on your microbiome, thanks to Pre-, Pro-, and Postbiotics, helping you normalise your skin’s natural ecosystem.

So, whether you’re experiencing dull, dry, or otherwise imbalanced skin or just feel like trying a new and different approach to skincare, we invite you to experience Kunkeei products.

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